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Eric Cahill

HTML, CSS, JS, React JS, SQL, UI/UX Design

Joel Lake


Stephen Payette


The newsletter

The newsletter is a monthly review of our current students that we consider the most hireable based on their acquired skills. It includes:

Sample Report

We want you to see what the report is all about.

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Image of Swapna, a Get Coding student.

Coming from an engineering background, the path to get into the workforce in a tech industry is challenging especially for a mother who experienced career interruptions. Get Coding is greatly helping me to refresh as well as to gain and develop new skills and knowledge in the latest technologies, relevant to the job market, under the mentorship of experienced software professionals. This helps me a lot to re-establish my strengths and confidence.


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Our instructors

Our students are taught by local software developers, who might be working in your company.

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Jack Harrhy

Software Developer


St. John's, NL

Gillian Mensah

Software Developer


St. John's, NL

Esteban Ricalde

Senior Software Developer


St. John's, NL


How frequent is the newsletter?

Once a month at most.

What do the students learn during the program?

Each student curriculum is based on their strengths and interest and is usually a subset of back-end, front-end, cloud, automated testing, devops and UX/UI.

What does the newsletter include?

List of students that we consider hireable, our internal review of their skills, their github, linkedin and links to their projects.

Do you assist in hiring or do I directly contact the student?

It's all up to you and the student. Feel free to directly contact them and set up meetings and interviews.

Do you have internship or coop programs?

We consider our graduates ready to be hired as full time software developers. However, you can feel free to contact them and negotiate your employment terms with them.

Can I see a list of your past students and their career success?

Yes. Click here.

What is your internal review process? Can I trust it?

Our coaches, who are independent employees at actual startups in NL, rate and review our student's hard and soft skills. You can see a sample here.

Are these students in NL?

All of our students live in NL. Some actually joined Get Coding and moved to NL to join the tech ecosystem here.

Do the students qualify for SECPAP or other funding?

We have done the hard work for you. In our newsletter, you'll see what sources of funding the students qualify for.

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