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Personalized 1-on-1 training sessions, working on real-world projects while receiving 24/7 support

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One size does not fit all. Our program is completely tailored and delivered to you 1-on-1 so you can make the most of it.

How are we different

Our programs are designed to get you from the beginning of your journey to the end, and therefore are an addition to Online education.

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Online Coures

Not enforced
Scientific and generally not in demand
In class
36 months+
Anyone on the Internet
Unlimited choices
Free or cheap
St. John's tech ecosystem
Dedicated 1-1
Software Developers
Based on our 2020 industry survey
~12 months

University or College

How does it work?


We get to know each other

First, you meet with one of our coaches (for free) for you to fully understand the program and for them to understand your background, interests and career goals. They can also fill you in on details such as expected outcomes, job market and salaries, ...

We create an Outline

The coach will then create a Training Outline. The outline describes the journey you will take to become a professional software developer at high level: the technical subjects you should learn about, career coaching subjects, timeline for job hunting, even the subjects you should learn after you get a job.

You start your sessions

After you review the outline and feel confident in it, you and your coach figure out a time and start date that works for you (after hours? no problem!). The coach will meet you online on a weekly basis to teach you new material, provide you with resources, review your work and will also support you in between the sessions in case you get stuck.

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6-12 months

The length of the program varies based on your commitment and background, but most students complete in less than one year.


$400/4 weeks

You are essentially paying a software developer to directly coach you. The faster you go, the less you pay. No admin fees, no late fees, no bullshit.


but together

Everything from the first intro meeting to you finding a job happens online. But you'll still get some awesome swag!

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And no, you don't need a degree or a diploma to get a job.

We know how overwhelming learning online can be. We know what you need to learn to achieve your goals and we .

I have been with GetCoding for almost 5 months learning about Software Development and Design and I have learned more in this time than I have from any other program or school. I came into the program with no knowledge of Software Development or where to begin. The team at Get Coding immediately sought out what my interests were to ensure I was applying some of my prior skills to the new career I was setting out to obtain. With this coaching program you are exposed to every aspect of Software Development with various projects, tools, and resources to ensure you will obtain a career in the tech industry.

Becca Penney

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What am I actually paying for?

You are mainly paying for the 1-on-1 coaching session, during which we provide you with code review, industry insights, and direction to complement your training. We also curate the resources we think will get you to your goals quicker and provide you with 24/7 troubleshooting for when you get stuck.

What technical knowledge is required to join the program?

Nothing really. Curiosity for technology and being comfortable with your computer and browser.

How big of a commitment is this?

We believe you need to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to practicing to see results. You can stop at any time. There is no long-term commitment.

Do you offer a certificate for completing the course?

We do not believe certificates are a good measure of technical skills. You shouldn't either. Instead, we focus on you building a real portfolio of live projects that "wow" others.

How does the payment work?

You pay for every month that you want us to help you. It is done through a secure online portal. Once you think you have learned enough, or no longer require our help you can simply stop paying us.

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